Further Across Rural America

22nd – 24th May Iowa and Nebraska

Three enjoyhable days spent driving through the plains of Iowa and Nebraska, despite the fact that most of it was on the Interstates. Having made my way to Cedar Rapids, I headed south through Iowa City to Kalona and the Amish communities.

True to my luck, I arrived at the visitor centre some ten minutes after their tour had left… and there would not be another for two hours.

Since that was going to leave me very late for anything else, I headed off to the Fair Ground in Des Moines to see the magnificent round barn there. Photo opportunities were limited as once again it was raining.

The rain continued overnight, and next morning it was still grey and wet. In this miserable weather I decided to give Winterset, Madison County and it’s covered bridges a miss, satisfied in the knowledge that ahead of me lay yet another covered bridge, the bridge over I-80, though I did not know exactly where on I-80…. suffice to say that it was sorta in the middle of the State.

In Dubuque, my friend had told me about Cabela Sport Stores, and how some of them have facilities and allow campers to park on their turf overnight. I had planned to check out some of these. There are three of these stores along I-80 in NE.

Traffic was fairly heavy when I passed through Omaha, but further along I-80 there was a large sign, Cabela’s Exit 279. Here was my opportumity to check out one of their establishments – which I did – before continuing on I-80 Exit 272 west. Some hundred miles further on I called in at the visitor centre at North Platte, where the lovely lady told me that magnificent bridge is between exits 272 and 279. Yup, I had missed that one too! Guess it was just not meant to be.

The remainder of my journey on this Sunday afternoon took me through the rolling hills of central NE along route 97 and 2 to Alliance. There was little traffic on this Sunday afternoon and houses were few and far between. (Could not resist checking out this lovely cottage.)

This lovely cottage was once someone's home. One can only speculate!

 To really make the most of the serenity of this area I slowed my speed, turned off the radio and allowed the peace all around me to penetrate my environment… my whole being. It was a journey I did not want to end.