Grandma’s Big Red Van

That’s what the grandchildren called it.

Some months ago I decided to attend a convention in Adelaide, May 2013. It seemed a great opportunity to follow it by taking a roadtrip up north to places I had never been. First thing though, I decided I wanted a campervan to make the trip flexible and enjoyable.

The search was on.

A suitable van – Chilli Red 2002 VW Transporter T4 – was found at Easter time, just in time for the May trip. It was an empty shell. The following six weeks were spent fitting the basics to make it suitable to undertake a two week trip.

Invaluable assistance was given by Brad and David at BusnBug. With their help I was able to fit some soundproving to the bare metal panels, install a plywood floor and battery to run my fridge. A swivel on the passenger seat – so I can comfortably sit at my little table and type this – completed the job.

Later, as funds become available, I will have wall panels fitted, along with storage space, and of course, a bed. But for this trip it is strictly an air mattress with my sleeping bag and the crates full of camping gear which have served the family for years.

Last, but by no means least, and ’emergency’ toilet was added.

All was now ready for departure on 16th May – destination, Adelaide, South Australia.