South and Home.

Continuing south it was time for lunch when I reached Glendambo Roadhouse.


Lake Hart was a must stop for me.  This salt lake east of  the Stuart Highway is another favourite stop for travellers, with its large rest area which accommodates many campers and overnighters.  Together with the many tracks into the surrounding bush, it is evident that this area is well used.

Lake Hart from the rest area.

Lake Hart from the rest area.

A little further south, on the west side of the highway is the overlook over Island Lagoon.  When full, this salt lake covers almost 100.000 hectares.

Island Lagoon from the Stuart Highway overlook.

Island Lagoon from the Stuart Highway overlook.

Both these bodies of water are on the Woomera Rocket Range. (Island Lagoon Tracking Station was the first deep space station to be established outside of the United States.)

Before settling for the night at the Pimba Hotel, Woomera seemed like an interesting spot to check out.  In the centre of town is a large display of the history of the area – the atomic bomb tests and rocket launches.

Woomera 004 Woomera 005Woomera.


At Pimba I joined the campers, caravans and motorhomes, as well as a couple of tents, in the large car park of the hotel.  Officially a ‘truck stop’ (albeit unpaved), there were two large semis parked overnight.  The facilities were clean, the showers coin operated and great meals were available at the hotel/roadhouse.

When travelling through The Outback I can highly recommend these unofficial camping spots.  They are well patronised by backpackers, grey nomads, international travellers and locals.

I was now a two day drive from home, via Mildura and Swan Hill, arriving home on Saturday in time to have dinner with the grandchildren at their home.  They had just come back from a trip to England and were eager to share their many experiences.