Adelaide and Port Augusta.

The challenge when writing a travel blog, at least in the more remote regions of Australia, is getting access to reliable and affordable internet.

The trip to Adelaide was straight out west through Bordertown and Murray Bridge, with an overnight in Kaniva. A lovely little caravan park with a dozen or so spots, including some powered. Run completely on an honesty system, the basic facilities were neat and spotless.

Next day it was at Tailem Bend where I stopped at the bakery at the start of town. (Murray’s Bakery?) It was here that I met Trish and Dennis who were also about to have lunch. They were on their way home from a camping holiday in The Grampians. It was great sharing travel stories over lunch.

As we came out of the bakery pelicans flew over our heads. At that moment the whole story of (the late) Mr Percival came back to me. Of course, Storm Boy was largely set in the Coorong, an important area of wetlands which sees many migratory birds stop over on their way further south.

It was mid afternoon when I arrived at my Couchsurfing host’s address.

On the morning of Monday 20th May my trusty van and I left Adelaide, destination Alice Springs and Uluru. But first we had to get some supplies.

Besides some groceries, I had to purchase some of the items I had forgotten to bring from home. Managed to get the last of them in Port Augusta, where I spent that first night at the Motorhome Park. One essential was to have a toilet in your vehicle. There were no facilities what-so-ever. I was surprised it was so packed, but then it is mentioned in the ‘Camps‘ book.

It is here that I met Helen. Widowed just a few years ago she was concerned that others might think her too old to set out on her own at the age of 70. She had sold their large motorhome and now has a campervan built into a MB Vito.

Next morning it was north, up the Stuart Highway.

Stuart Hwy 004


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