Off to the west coast.

My visit to Florida was to meet the gent who had offered to store and ocassionally drive my vehicle when I am back at home.  His offer was gracefully accepted.  I think my lovely van will be in good care.  We’ll nut out the details next time I am down there.

From Florida it was out west across some seven States to California, with a stop over in Arizona.  Some of the members as well as the owner of cheaprvliving were camping in the forest northwest of Flagstaff AZ.  One of these members is an expert at fixing electronics for motor homes and campervans.  I needed his help with a problem which kept popping up with my fridge.  His expert knowledge and experience means I now no longer need to worry about the battery not being able to run my fridge all night long.

Some years ago he had spent 12 months in Brisbane.  All he asked for was some Vegemite.  He really missed his Vegemite.  I was happy to share what I had.

In California at Toastmasters International HQ they were holding my certificates for me to pick up.  These had been issued just before I left home, and I requested they not send them.  As well as an interesting tour through the whole operation, Rachel was able to provide me with the answers to questions I posed.  She was a most gracious host, going way beyond the call of duty to answer my questions.

Up to this point I had taken very few photographs.  I really was not in sightseeing mode.  But all that changed as I left California.  There were quite a few things on my ‘must see’ list, and I set about crossing them off.

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