Crossing items off the list – Bryce Canyon.

One of the great national parks of North America which I had not visited was Bryce Canyon.  So on my way north I decided to remedy this omission.

One of the easier national parks to get a full overview, one drives along the rim of the canyon to the end.  Then, on the way back it is easy to pull into all the viewpoints which overlook the rock formations in the canyon.

Inspiration Point 013

Bryce Point 009

Bryce Point 010

Sunset Point 007

The longer one looks at the formations, the more interesting they become.  It is possible to see architecture as well as forms of life into the rock pillars, known as hoodoos.

A ranger was heard as saying to really get the most out of Bryce Canyon one should spend from sunrise to sunset at each viewpoint, and see how the colours change as the sun moves through the sky.

After visiting the Canyon I spent the night at the campground in Kodachrome Basin State Park, in the shadow of the hoodoos there.

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