The Moth – 31st July, 2013

Anyone who has ever been to a story slam, will know what an interesting and inspiring event it can be.  Listening to stories from people’s experiences.  Everyone has a story to tell.  It just needs the right environment, encouragement and audience.

The Moth provides the opportunity for anyone with a story to tell.  The Moth sets the topic, publicise the program and invite the audience.  Story tellers are given five minutes to tell their true story.

I happened to be in St Paul, Minnesota when I found out a Moth event was coming to town.  That was in July.  The topic was made for me – Wanderlust.

I have now received the recording of my presentation and thought I would share it with you.   Wanderlust

Trust you will enjoy it as much as the judges did on the night.  I am thrilled to say, they chose it as the best story of the event.  I have now been invited back to participate at the Grandslam in St Paul, where all ten winners for the year will present another story.  Hope I can make it.


One thought on “The Moth – 31st July, 2013

  1. Enjoyed meeting Lifey at the ford dealer in Quinnesac, Michigan which is not really a city or town for that matter, but they have a zip code so they must exist. I was in having our vehicle getting an oil change and Lifey was having her vehicle fixed after an unfortunate encounter with another vehicle. you never know who you are going to meet but I sure didn’t expect to meet a vagabond traveler from Australia in the very rural UP of Michigan. I hope everything worked out well for you Lifey and as a brewer from Wisconsin I just want to say, “Drink more Beer.!”

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