Before the Trip – Packing

It was more than 12 months ago, that I started putting aside the little things I wished to take on this trip…. specifically presents for family and friends and little souvenirs to give to folks one meets along the way.  Just little knick-knacks from downunder, which may entice some to make the longhaul flight across the Pacific, as well as a reminder of a good time shared.

The serious packing started five days before departure.  Two suitcases placed on the dining room floor, and items tossed into them as they came to mind.  It was not until the night before that seriously sorting commenced – discarding that which was excess and carefully packing the rest.  (Space bags for travelling have been a great help.)

Managed, somehow, to keep both suitcases down to the required 23kg…. despite the 2.5kg bucket of Vegemite.  Can’t understand why this cannot be bought in the US.   It just seems inconceivable to think that my grandchildren have to grow up without Vegemite.

On the morning of my departure son was due to pick me up at 7am for the short drive to the airport.  I managed a mere two and a half hour sleep, but figured there was tons of time to sleep on the plane.

Before the flight took off, I had already placed two items on the ‘forgot’ list.

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